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Tarja Halonen,
former President of Finland

"It is important for us all to learn to understand our own responsibility as a future maker.

Through the Futures Day discussions, we will be able to start building a shared understanding and awareness of the direction we want to head."

"Faith and confidence in the future are also key in peace building. Therefore, as a member of the UN Secretary-General's Peace Mediation Advisory Board, I hope that the Futures Day will also raise global discussions and increase understanding of alternative paths to future.

Every one of us is needed to build a sustainable future for our planet and humanity."

Join the World’s Largest Discussion on Futures on March 1st, 2019

What kind of future do you build with your actions today? The future is constantly present in our everyday lives, guiding our actions and decisions – whether we are aware of that or not.

March 1st as the international Futures Day was initiated by the Millennium Project and Humanity+ to raise general futures awareness worldwide. However the day is
not yet very well known but our aim is to change that. Futures Day aims at achieving 10,000 futures discussions globally during the day. Future discussions can be organized in schools, municipalities, libraries, workplaces or anywhere, in any community. We are happy to have international partners such as Teach the Future-network and global network of UNESCO Chairs celebrating the Futures Day with us.

Organize futures discussion in your community with the ready-made

The Finnish Futures Day is organized by Futures School, Finland Futures Research Center at the University of Turku, and Futures Specialists Helsinki in cooperation with Finnish National Board of Education, the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities, Sitra – the Finnish Innovaton Fund, Laurea University of Applied Sciences and many other partners. The Futures Day organizing team will prepare ready-made working materials to help anyone organize their own – big or small, official or informal, internal or public – Futures Day event on March 1st, 2019.

Materials are specifically designed for three target audiences:

  • For schools or other parties working with children and young people
  • Municipalities, i.e. municipal decision-makers, employees and residents
  • For businesses and other organizations

However, Futures Day can be spent also by anyone else interested in the future. With these materials it is possible to arrange an easy-going conversation session at a coffee table or arrange a more comprehensive exploration trip to alternative futures following a simplified steps of a foresight process.

The future will not arrive, it will be done – together. Come and join us to discuss alternative futures on the Futures Day and share your thoughts and work in social media with #futuresday!

The English translation of the materials is provided by UNESCO Chair in Learning Society and Futures of Education -project at Finland Futures Research Centre, University of Turku.

You can find translated versions of the Futures day material for schools in Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Italian and Arabic in the Teach the Future -website.

Further information:

Laura Pouru / Futures Day Team / Finland Futures Research Centre
+358 50 3290 711