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Join the World’s Largest Discussion on Desired Futures on March 5th, 2021

The future is constantly present in our everyday lives, guiding our actions and decisions – whether we are aware of that or not.

This year Futures Day focuses on power over the future and desired futures – Utopias. The future is co-created together. We all have power to influence our joint future. This though requires futures awareness. And thus is the reason we have created Futures Day and want to shift the attention to desired futures at least for one day.
The question is: What is your desired future? We call everyone to join a virtual Council of the Future and envision desired futures with the help of Utopia-tool designed by Futures Day core team. Lets have the world’s largest discussion on futures and fill social media with desired futures on 6th of March.

The Futures Day is celebrated on March 5th, 2021. Futures Day is organized by Futures Day team. We are also happy to have international partners such as Teach the Future-network.

The future will not arrive, it will be done – together. Come and join us to discuss alternative futures on the Futures Day and share your thoughts and work in social media with #futuresday #tulevaisuusvaltuutettu #tulevaisuuspäivä

Further information: [email protected]

Futures Day 2020 theme and materials

The theme for Futures Day 2020 is the power over the future and desirable futures. For this purpose we have created an easy to use Utopia-tool which allows everyone to expand their own futures thinking, create their own utopia and enrich it with others. 

Futures Day 2020 Utopia tool
Futures Day 2020 Manual for utopia tool

Futures Day 2019 materials

The cards for schools have been translated also into Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Italian and Persian in the Teach the Future-network.

Futures Day cards in Spanish

Futures Day cards in Greek

Futures Day cards in Italian

Futures Day cards in Portuguese

Futures Day cards in Dutch

Futures Day cards in Persian