Futures Day 2021 “Agrotechnology for Smart City Region: Open Foresight Laboratory”, Tomsk, Russia


Futures Day 2021 “Agrotechnology for Smart City Region: Open Foresight Laboratory”, Tomsk, Russia

Tapahtumapaikka: Tomsk, Western Siberia, Russia

Aika: 10-11.3.2021

The Personnel Center ”Work of Russia” of Tomsk City and Tomsk region in collaboration with the International Network Laboratory for Futures Literacy Programs of the Institute of Education, National Research Tomsk State University
hold the educational event based on futures literacy program:

International Futures Day 2021 “Agrotechnology for a smart city – Open foresight laboratory”.

• The content of the Event corresponds to the principles of the educational technology ”Open Foresight Laboratory”, in which a large role is assigned to the knowledge of modern technologies, analysis of their impact on various spheres of life, and understanding of how professions and qualifications and, in general, the division of labour are changing in this regard.
• This event is held with the aim of creating conditions for the formation of youth innovative communities, the development of a project, research, design activities, educational and professional navigation of students of the Tomsk Agrarian College based on the development of the principles of the modern culture of thinking about the future (futures literacy and foresight literacy ), analysis of expert information in the field of scientific, technological and innovative development of society and reflection of the personal experience of design, research, design activities of the participants.
• In this program, the most important basis for work is the analysis of key bio- and agricultural technologies and their impact on the Smart City ecosystem in the future up to 20 years, as well as on the emergence of new professions and qualifications, the emergence of new entrepreneurial initiatives and innovations.
Heads and coordinators of the international project – Ludmila Dmitrieva and Ludmila Kudashkina (Tomsk, Russia) and Tatiana Yakubovskaya (Tampere, Finland)