Teach the Future via Futures Day


Teach the Future via Futures Day

Erica Bol is the Director of the Teach the Future Europe

Futures Day has international partners, such as Teach the Future-network that provides tools for educating futures thinking in schools worldwide. Erica Bol, the Director of the Teach the Future European unit writes how the Finnish initiative has inspired the global network to join the Futures Day event.

Young people of any age can learn to think critically and creatively about the future and develop the agency to influence it. The global Teach the Future community is dedicated to bring futures thinking to schools, educators and students around the world. Teach the Future offers free educational materials, a platform where teachers can exchange learnings, teach-the-teacher workshops, and much more.

Futures Day is a worldwide theme day aimed at sparking global, national and local conversations about the futures people around the globe desire and fear. Non-profit organization Teach the Future supports Futures Day because it is a fun opportunity to create awareness about futures in schools.

We love the enthusiasm of the people of Finland Futures Research Center at the University of Turku, Tulevaisuuskoulu and Futures Specialists Helsinki in spreading Futures Day nationwide in Finland!

It inspired us at Teach the Future to activate our members worldwide to participate and use the Finnish materials as inspiration. Our members are in the midst of translating the materials provided by the Finnish team in over 10 languages (e.g. Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Greek and Arabic) and they will be used in more than 15 countries on March 1, 2019.

For example, Teach the Future members in Iran will organize meetings for students and companies and Teach the Future members in Brazil will initiate public events on Futures Day. More specifics on the activities will be shared via our social media channels on Teach the Future Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIN. If you want to know more, please contact us at  [email protected]. You can find all the translated materials on our website: http://www.teachthefuture.eu/futuresday/.

Thank you, Finland, in being at the forefront of making Futures Day happen and inspiring us!