Get That Future Lab for futures literacy for youth

Get That Future Lab for futures literacy for youth

Mobile learning service Funzi in collaboration with UNESCO Chair in Learning Society and Futures of Education at the University of Turku presents Get That Future Lab: a blended learning program for educational institutions for youth, namely high schools and vocational institutions. The program provides youth learning opportunities to think openly about the future, to seize opportunities, and to find their own potential through futures literacy skills and a growth mindset.

The Get That Future Lab is a 4-week program in English that consists of

  • a mobile course to study on students’ own devices,
  • at-home exercises and
  • classroom sessions.

Feel free to check out the Get That Future mobile course at

As a contribution to the Finnish education system, for Feb-May 2019 we are offering for education institutions in Finland to pilot the Get That Future Lab for free.

Please do get in touch if you are interested in getting the Get That Future Lab into use in your school! [email protected]