Futures of Company Sauna Culture


Futures of Company Sauna Culture

The sauna is arguably the most internationally well known aspect of the Finnish culture, and a strong part of any Finn’s life. Traditionally the sauna has been seen as a pure and “holy” place, where babies have been born and dead bodies washed. Throughout the years the sauna has remained a place where family and friends can get together or you can have a moment to relax by yourself.

More recently companies and organisations have also embraced the sauna culture, New Things Co included.

On Futures Day we are organising a discussion and workshop on the future of sauna culture in the business context.

Having an office with a sauna has posed several questions for us, such as:

– What will happen to the corporate sauna culture as the workforce grows in diversity?
– How can sauna owners make the custom more inclusive to diverse group of people?
– What are the challenges that the sauna culture faces in the future?
– Should companies have saunas or sauna evenings all together?

We would like to invite anyone with interest on the topic to a round discussion and workshop about the current trends and the future of company saunas to our office in Lönnrotinkatu 20, Helsinki.


1700 Doors open, light snacks and drinks

1730 Opening words by Jukka-Pekka Erlund, Senior Designer

Lightning talks by

Tuomas Tanner – Sompasauna Ry – Public communal sauna

Laura Toropainen – Improving inclusivity of sauna culture

1830 Mini workshop

1930 Free conversation

2030 Last call